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Phishing Scams
We have been receiving reports of an increase in the number and sophistication of phishing scams appearing to be
official communication from the IRS or other government agencies. Some are intimidating, threatening dire
consequences unless you respond immediately.

The IRS, the State of Maryland, and every other state
NEVER use e-mail to request personal, financial, or  other
sensitive information like account numbers, passwords or pins. Do not send sensitive information by email or as an
email attachment, or open a website link from an email message asking for sensitive information.

Email is not a secure method of communication. When working with us, please drop off, fax, mail, or use our secure
file transfer utility to send sensitive information.
Phone Scam Warning!
We have been receiving reports of an alarming phone scram where taxpayers have received calls claiming to be from
the IRS demanding immediate payment for taxes or penalties, and threatening aggressive action including arrest and
prosecution. Some taxpayers have even received subsequent calls claiming to be from police threatening arrest.

NEVER makes such calls, or demands immediate payment over the phone. If you receive such a call, hang
up and call your local police non-emergency number to file a report.

If you have concerns, contact the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040 or the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at
800-908-4490. More information can be found at the
IRS Identity Protection website.
Identity Theft
If you receive an unexpected check from a bank claiming to be your tax refund, you may have been the victim of an
ongoing income tax identity theft scam.

Do not deposit the check! If you are one of our clients, call us to discuss the issue, or call the IRS Identity Protection
Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490.